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  • Twin Flames Exposed e-book, disproving all the common myths- and providing a roadmap on preparing for a stable, physical relationship with your true twin flame.
  • ​Videos from Elle digging deeper into five of the biggest myths behind twin flames and what you can learn from each
  • ​PLUS, bonus workbooks focused on ending your obsessive thoughts
“I Got Me Back!”
“My purpose at the start of this journey was to “get that Twin Flame” but it’s more than that – I got me back! Not only have I magnetized my Twin Flame, I’ve magnetized abundant energy from the source/universe. I’m no longer chained to my thoughts. I’m free. I’m the divine goddess I’m meant to be. There were challenges but if you stick to the program and use the support provided, you will master and balance out again. I cannot thank you enough!”

Kelly R.

“I Have Absolutely No More Anxiety”
“I have absolutely no more anxiety. All areas of my life have improved – health, work, attitude regarding money, family issues, all pains regarding my Twin Flame are gone! That’s huge – thank you!”

Joseph T.


“I Magnetized my Twin Flame in When I Started This Program”

“I magnetized my Twin Flame in when I started this program. Before this, I felt as if I was a different person. I was an obsessed crazy person with crazy thoughts distractions and emotions. These behaviors, thoughts and actions were foreign to me. I was confused and heartbroken but after working through the modules and continuing to practice the process, I feel an overwhelming sense of peace calm and serenity. More importantly, I have a profound trust in the universe and I truly know that all is well and all is as it should be.”

- Steve

“The Most Beneficial Thing I Have Ever Done”

“This program has been the most beneficial thing I have ever done for the betterment of my existence. It has brought clarity, peace, understanding, purpose and so much more. The lessons are simple but powerful. And it’s not just “educational” helping you to understand what is happening and why, but provides the action steps necessary to be able to bring it all into balance. I can honestly say that for the first time in my life I am in charge of my own joy. And what peace this has brought. So powerful! Additionally, and the most helpful part of the whole experience, especially in the beginning, is being surrounded by such a loving support group. This journey can be a lonely one at times, and before I started this program I felt very lost and isolated. I was in such turmoil. But with Elle, as a loving and caring coach, along with the others in the group navigating their own journeys….I was not (and know that I am still not) ever alone. What a sweet and encouraging environment. Very effective. Much love and gratitude, Elle!”

- Anna

“I Have Felt More at Peace Than Ever Before”

“Since starting the program, I have felt more at peace than ever before. I have begun to branch out and try new things in my life that used to scare me. I’m loving learning about what truly makes me tick. My Twin Flame has come back into my life and I did take things too fast, but with the tools you have given me, I feel comfortable and fearless in pulling back and rebalancing myself, in our interactions.”


“I Have Felt Deep Inner Peace for the First Time in My Life”

“I feel CLARITY like I have never felt in my entire life. I feel One within and with everything. I have felt Deep Inner Peace for the first time of my Life only 5 weeks after starting this program and this is definitely thanks to this program.”


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